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Majestic Flooring handles all aspects of hardwood installations and repairs, sanding and refinishing, tile installations, custom inlays and designs, oriental hardwoods, Pergo and whatever type of need you may have. Our installation services are second-to-none... guaranteed.
Large or small, we’ll work with you on your next project from start to finish to create your ideal floor – at your ideal budget - all in the comfort of your home.
We also offer FREE ESTIMATES, free consulting and incredible savings.
We will come to your home, inspect the area you wish to improve, and give you an estimate free of charge.
Or you can simply send us an email at
  MAJESTICFLOORING@YAHOO.COM with the dimensions of any room and we'll reply to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Majestic Flooring will dedicate its expertise and resources to give you more information and get you started on the road to make your hardwood floors stand out.

Since the day we started our business we have challenged ourselves to be the best and offer the best service and value in the flooring industry. We continue to challenge ourselves with every customer that we have the opportunity to work with. The following are just a few of our Company's Values:
• Customer Satisfaction
• Quality
• Integrity and Honesty
• Respect for our Customers, Employees, and Installers
• Hard Work
• Striving for Excellence

Hardwood floor is a lifetime product of natural beauty. It is durable, affordable, environmental soundness, easy to maintain and resistant to wear; creates better air quality, because it does not rap or harbor dust, mites or molds-contributing to a healthy living environment. It also increases the value of your home.
Choosing the right wood floor for your specific taste and needs can be a challenge. Hopefully we can help you choose the wood floor that will go with your décor. Hardwood floor comes in many sizes, styles, colors, finishes and species, each having their own distinct characteristics. These many choices can compliment any home or office with style and a beautiful product that last a long life.
When you are shopping for hardwood floors you need to keep in mind what type of finished look you want to achieve. You should also consider the furniture you will be placing in the rooms where will be a wood floor, make sure that the furniture will not clash with your new wood floor; you can either match the furniture to the floor or you can also have a contrast which is also a very nice look. For a modern or contemporary look, you may choose a wood species that has a cleaner look with less texture and grain such as Maple, Birch, or Cherry. For a more casual or rustic look, you may consider an Oak or Pine. You should also consider the size of the wood, usually, the smaller widths combined with shorter lengths, will give off a busier look, while the wider widths combined with longer lengths tend to open up the look of your room.
Wood floors are the staple of the flooring industry. Solid hardwood floors have been used for centuries because of their natural beauty and durability, while engineered wood flooring and laminate floors has recently become popular due to its ability to be installed below ground level while maintaining a real wood look and feel. While laminate floors can mimic the looks of these woods, only hardwood has the natural warmth and feel of each in both finished and unfinished options. Unlike laminate flooring, hardwood floors can be refinished in order to bring back their natural warmth and luster. Both engineered and solid floors are available in strip, plank, and parquet styles to achieve the best look for their environment. Hardwood Floors offer several installation choices ranging from nail, staple or glue down methods as well as some free floating options depending on your needs. Solid floors can last a lifetime maintaining their beauty for years to come making them a timeless investment that adds value to your home.